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November 2, 2021


World’s First Influencer Utility NFT Platform


Today we will talk about the Fanadise project, which is based on a rather promising idea. We will look at what this project is like. The project is currently under the final stages of development. We are also expecting its token sale very soon, but more on that later.

meet our creators
Fanadise Creators

First, let’s take a look at the technological part of this project first. 

Again, the project is called Fanadise, and the team of this project is creating a blockchain based platform that will allow bloggers and influencers to upload exclusive content to the platform and then sell it to their followers. 

One of the co-founders - Stuart Burton
One of the co-founders – Stuart Burton

You can imagine all this as follows: a blogger or influencer signs up on the Fanadise platform and creates his own account. 

Then he/she is given his personal website, which he can customize in any way. If, for example, he does not like the website, then he can simply create his own website based on their platform and even change his domain name. That is, the entire ecosystem is created specifically for the blogger, which will be needed so that customers can enter his space, his website. 

Further, the blogger can post absolutely any special exclusive material on this launched website. For example, a photo or video, or some personal tiers, etc. Accordingly, any material that they uploaded there is digitized with the help of this platform and reprogrammed into NFT, which can later be sold to their subscribers.

invest in love


To generate income, influencers will have several possible ways of earning, namely: these can be customized subscriptions, that is, the influencer can indicate which subscriptions he wants to monetize (works the same was as Patreon with its tier system, for example) so that people subscribe to him for a buck. 

Accordingly, in this case, the blogger will post to his subscribers some exclusive materials that he does not publish to the public. There may be several different tiers and, accordingly, depending on your tier level, you will receive a different amount of materials. 

Fanadise also implements the ability to support bloggers through regular donations (whether monthly, weekly, or per item). 

And the last point is that here we can sell our NFTs, that is, sell them not by subscription (where we sign a follower and send him several pictures or videos every month), but simply release some limited NFT with the purpose of selling it after, either at auction or at a specific price in a limited edition. 

All of these features are available on this platform.

Also, in addition to this functionality (buying and selling NFT through the platform), more advanced functionality will be implemented here as well, for example, personal congratulations from a blogger, a one-on-one conversation with him, and much more. 

coca cola

In fact, this platform will act as a kind of communication tool between your favorite bloggers and their subscribers, where subscribers will be able to receive the exclusive content they want, and bloggers will receive earnings and some kind of reward for this as well.

At this point, a logical question arises: if the platform has solved the functionality for bloggers, then how did they solve the problem with payments in crypto?

Ordinary people, their followers, most likely will not know how the blockchain works, they will not know how to create a Metamask wallet, and even more so, how to buy cryptocurrency here, and then how to store these same NFTs as well.

What did the platform come up with for this solution?

It’s simple, the platform will not force subscribers and customers to understand what the blockchain and NFT are, they simply implement constitutional functionality.

This means that people will be able to deposit their money simply in ordinary fiat money using a credit bank card to the platform, and the platform will further process all their payments in NFT, that is, it will take money from them, transfer this money into cryptocurrency and by using this cryptocurrency the particular NFT will be bought. 

fan burning
Fanadise regularly burn their tokens

Of course, it is not necessary to do this, and this functionality will simply be used by those users who came from Instagram or somewhere else to simply buy NFT, but have never understood how the blockchain works in general, and so on.

For those who have some idea about how the blockchain works, they can simply connect their Metamask wallet and, accordingly, using these tokens, buy various NFT of their favorite bloggers here. In fact, here we will have a kind of symbiosis, the combined option of buying NFT either through cash or directly decentralized using your wallet. 

Either way, it works just fine, it just depends on whether or not you have some initial knowledge regarding the blockchain and DeFi.

new partnership

After we bought NFT from a blogger, we may want to keep it either for ourselves, or we may want to sell it in order to make a profit. 

Accordingly, for this we will have such an opportunity, we will have a secondary market. In this secondary market, we will be able to sell our NFT. This will be implemented in a very simple way, as in any area of ​​NFT, we can simply withdraw our NFT to our own wallet, and then sell it on any other platform that supports the sale of NFT. 

Or, as an option, we may not withdraw it from the platform at all, because the platform will build its own marketplace, where we can sell or buy our, or other people’s NFT’s right there. 

A huge plus of this functionality for influencers is that the smart contract, when an NFT is created on this platform, states that influencers receive income from these NFT not only once, but every time it is sold and resold.

master wallet

Let’s imagine such a situation that you are a blogger, you created your own NFT and sold it, conditionally, for $ 50. Further, some other person who bought it from you wants to sell it on the secondary market, in a week, in a month, in a year, there is absolutely no difference, NFT will be stored forever as long as there are smart contracts. 

And he sells it not for $ 50, not even for $ 100, but for, let’s say $ 2000. Accordingly, from this $ 2000 you will receive a certain percentage. That is, after each resale, you will be getting passive income.

Now, with regard to the very development and revision of the project, let’s look at what stage they are. 

They now have more than 68 thousand followers on Twitter, which is quite a lot for a project that has not yet launched, and they just recently sold their first NFT along with an influencer, and it went for $ 250,000.

first creator nft

They also already have quite large established partnerships with several bloggers. They have already built several websites for some bloggers in test mode so far. Customized websites according to specific templates will be made for all bloggers.

Also, a very important point is that if they say that they are launching soon, then they must have some ready-made products, some developments that they are now polishing and refining. 

Accordingly, we’ve decided to check this, we’ve contacted the influencers who’ve previously had a dialogue with them, and they provided us with information about what the platform’s developers have worked out at the moment, that is, how their website will look approximately and what kind of internal functionality they will have.

The tokenomics behind the project is surprisingly thoughtful
The tokenomics behind the project is surprisingly thoughtful

In addition, according to the developers, they already have a ready-made concept and functionality of how the platform itself will look on their website, that is, what will relate specifically to the blockchain and the NFT part, in fact, even the secondary market. 

At the moment, all this has been developed, it is in the layout, and is already being prepared, according to the developers, for the launch of the platform and the website itself.

So let’s move on to tokenomics behind the Fanadise project 

Fanadise will issue its own token called “fana”

Using their native fana token, it will be possible to pay for exclusive NFT. It will also be possible to receive a discount on subscriptions to influencers and receive more rewards and much more. This token is directly tied to payment, to the circulation, so to speak, of NFT assets on the Fanadise platform.

The platform itself has not yet launched, but at the moment they have token sales, more precisely, it will be held on July 15th. 

In general, they already had three token sales before this sale, which were successfully completed. 

In the process of these sales, approximately $ 4 million was collected from early investors who wanted to invest in this token. When launched at the very beginning, the token was sold for 5 cents and in total 2 percent of the total supply of all tokens was sold.

Then round A public sale took place 15 days after the first sale, here the tokens were already 50 percent more expensive (0.75 cents), and again 2% of the total was sold. The last token sale that took place (were sold at the 0.85 cents price mark), and again 2% of the total supply was sold.

Now we are starting the “last chance round” to participate in the token sale. Here we will be able to buy a fana token at 10 cents apiece, and accordingly, we will be able to buy only 0.5% of the total. In this case, we buy a token only two times cheaper than on the actual pre-sale, and in fact, these are very good conditions when compared with the same “Coinlist”. 

Well, and accordingly, after this last chance round, two more events will be held, where tokens will be sold for 40 percent more expensive than in this round. 

Further, either at the end of July or at the beginning of August, a listing will be made on PancakeSwap, where the token will be listed at a price of 15 cents per 1 token.

If everything goes well, then at least at this stage we will see some profit, but again, if the token price is not going down… (you don’t say??)

“Oh, you don’t say??”
“Oh, you don’t say??”

Can a token price go down though? 

Of course, everything can go south at any moment, it’s a cryptocurrency market we’re talking for christ’s sake, but… we can at least try to estimate the probability of such an unfortunate outcome happening, and for this, we need to look at the distribution of coins between different investors and pools. 

In fact, there is absolutely no danger here from investors, even early investors, and the point is that only about 14.5-15% of all tokens were allocated to various sales. 

That is, 15% of the total supply will soon be unblocked, and, accordingly, early investors will be able to sell them. 

This 15% won’t be able to affect the price of the token much, because we have 25% of all the tokens already distributed for marketing and advertising companies purposes. 

We have 8% of the tokens in liquidity. 

We have 19-20% of the tokens for the team. 

And we have 33% of reserve tokens that will be spent on some additional services in the future. 

That is, the main possible danger will not come from sales, FUDs, or info leakage. 

The main danger may come from the circle of people directly responsible for creating this token, i.e. from the owners themselves. 

However, here too, as we are told, everything is pretty safe, because all large pools have very long and gradual token “unlocking” times. Let’s take a look at them.

First, let’s see how tokens will be unlocked from early investors compared to us, because this is more important information, and then we will see how tokens are unlocked in larger pools.

So, the sale took place on May 12 and they have a lock for 90 days, that is, for 90 days they cannot sell their tokens, respectively, until August 12, just before the listing of this coin on PancakeSwap.

Bartek Sibiga – co-founder

Other rounds have slightly different conditions, they bought tokens later, and they will have 10% unlocked at the moment of token listing. 

It will be just a little earlier or during listing on PancakeSwap, and then they will have 30 days of lock for the rest of the tokens and, accordingly, 1% of the tokens will be getting “unlocked” every day. 

And such a thing will be for all the rounds, that is, tokens have been released and, accordingly, 10 percent are unlocked for absolutely all rounds (round A and round B). 

They are unlocked in one day, so we can sell them on the same day. Then we wait for a 30-day break, and then every day 1% of the remaining tokens will be gradually unlocked. It will be such a gradual lock for three months.

Now let’s see how tokens “unlocking” of all other pools will look like

So we have liquidity tokens. 

25% of 8% of tokens for liquidity will go into the liquidity pool, and then every quarter, every three months, another 25% of tokens will go into liquidity automatically under a smart contract.

Further, tokens for marketing, 60%, will be unlocked 60 days after their listing, and then every month (for 36 months), 2.8% of these tokens will be calculated and distributed for marketing purposes, in order to spend them on advertising or give out to influencers, and etc.

Tokens for the team, which make up 19% of the total pool, will work under approximately the same conditions as marketing tokens, 60 “lock” days, and then 2.8 percent of tokens are unlocked every month respectively.

Next, the reserve tokens that confused us the most until the moment we knew how they would be spent. 

In general, there is one-third of them and are the tokens, as we understood, of free designation, meaning they’ll probably be spent for various purposes. But in contrast to this, here our tokens will first be locked for one year, that is, only in 2022 they will begin to be unlocked, and then 1% of tokens per month will be getting unlocked gradually. 

Fanadise in comparison with other similar platforms
Fanadise in comparison with other similar platforms

Now let’s look at the market cap behind the project 

We take the total number of coins, (there will be 1 billion of them in total,) and multiply them by the total supply of tokens at the time of listing.

What will be the total supply of tokens?

The reserve, as we remember, will be unlocked only after a year, that is, we do not count 33%; Team tokens are only unlocked after 60 days, as marketing and advertising tokens. 

Accordingly, we will have liquidity tokens, tokens from sales, but they will also be gradually unlocked. It is better to be prepared for the worst, so we will calculate, according to overestimated expectations, having the worst possible scenario in mind, that the capitalization of the project will be large, because the smaller it is, the greater the ceiling for growth. 

Accordingly, we will include these 20% of tokens that will be unlocked in the final calculation. 

1 billion x 0.2 = 200 million tokens, which we’ll be unlocked. Next, since the listing price will be 0.15, we get the project market cap that equals approximately $ 30 million at the time of listing.

In fact, we calculated very high figures here, that is, we will not have 8% of liquidity tokens here, but only 2.5% in the first quarter. Also, we will not have all the tokens unlocked yet. In fact, we will have about 15, maybe 30 million of the initial capitalization of the project here.

Is 15-30 million considered a lot? 

No, this is not much at all, in comparison with other similar projects on, let’s say, “Coinlist”. However, there is a certain difference here. Coinlist projects usually come out ready-to-launch, since their developers usually have some kind of product already. 


With “Fanadise” there is no product here yet, so there are certain advantages and there are certain disadvantages that come with it since we can take risks and either earn a fortune or…the project will go south and we won’t earn a penny. 

For example, on Coinlist, after the presale, other projects’ tokens are released, as a rule, with 100 million or 200 million of the initial capitalization, and after that, they still manage to give good profits, that is, they grow to 500 million, 800 million, and even to billions of dollars market cap. 

And here we’re dealing with not hundreds, but only tens of millions of dollars and, accordingly, if the project comes out, if it works the way it should work, it has huge potential, a large following to sell their NFT’s to, and by the way, many bloggers are collaborating with this project already, which means we will have some room to grow, and potentially can see very, very good profits, but again… such high positive expectations are obviously tied to the fact that the product will launch the way we expect it.

Let’s sum up some conclusions

This project has a very good plan, a very good initial idea, it also has a very thoughtful tokenomics, that is, there are no particular advantages for any group in relation to another, especially due to the fact that there are huge token locks for several years… 

Accordingly, this project has a huge potential

However, the token will be freely traded only at the beginning of August on PancakeSwap. 

At the moment, it’s not possible to buy it yet, you can only participate in the pre-sale, that is, reserve your place, a certain number of tokens for a certain amount of money, which will then be credited to you. 

You can participate both with ordinary fiat money and with cryptocurrency; here you will also need to register on the project.

A very important point is that we in no way recommend or dissuade you from buying any tokens, including Fanadise tokens, despite the fact that we were quite interested in this project, which seems to us quite promising (at least, in terms of investment), if everything goes exactly as the developers promise. 

However, we strongly recommend that you do conduct your own research, do your own analysis, and then come up with your own decision, since only you will be responsible for it in the future.

Stay tuned folks, we’ll be keeping you updated on the further news regarding the Fanadise project

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