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March 8, 2022


Understanding Crypto Games

Crypto games have appeared on the gaming market quite recently.

Therefore, it is not surprising that there is no single definition of the term “crypto game”.

In a broad sense, these are online games in which cryptocurrency tokens are stored in a distributed ledger located on top of a cryptocurrency network.

Such a system allows you to trade game items using cryptocurrency assets. Consequently, those cryptocurrency tokens can be converted and exchanged for fiat currency.

How do crypto games work in general?

Online games use monetization strategies such as in-app, advertising, shopping, and referral marketing.

In-app purchases help players make in-game purchases. These may include coins, characters, extra lives, etc.

Similarly, online crypto games allow players to make purchases using cryptocurrency tokens.

In addition, most crypto games are based on a “collectible element” implementation, also known as NFT…

However, it is important to remember that we are still in the very beginning of this new trendy wave, “the first generation of crypto games” so to say.

Therefore, as the industry develops, more genres and innovations are likely to appear in it.

Anyway, let’s get to our today’s list!



7. BLOCWARS is a new entertainment platform, the only one on our today’s list currently working only as a metaverse (all the GameFi elements are yet to be developed).

If we look at the Blocwars project roadmap, we can see that in the future, the developers intend to implement features such as a full-fledged social network and GameFi, which aims to bridge the gap between the real world and the metaverse.

Blocwars is a brand-new fashionable NFT Metaverse Game

Also, a hallmark of Blocwars is a revolutionary feature called LinkGate.

The LinkGate protocol allows you to exchange items of clothing using NFT, communicate, attend various events (and in the future, it will be possible to do this in VR), trade on a local marketplace, in a word, hang out with other players in Metaverse, which resembles the real physical world as much as possible.

Blocwars’ community is very active
In just a month their Twitter account has gained over 28.6k followers

The native token of the Blocwars platform is the MANA token created on the Ethereum blockchain; it can be bought or sold on major cryptocurrency exchanges as well.

Crypto Dozer

Crypto Dozer
The visual aesthetics behind Crypto Dozer reminds of Mobox platform

6. Crypto Dozer

Crypto Dozer is a cryptocurrency-inclined GameFi project, where you toss coins and collect dolls. Each doll has a value that can be converted into ETH tokens.

The cost is different for each doll. The cost of dolls increases as your rating increases. Crypto Dozer is one of the few popular crypto games that can be experienced on both mobile phones and PC.

Crypto Dozer
Crypto Dozer



5. Splinterlands

Splinterlands runs on the Steem blockchain, but unfortunately at the moment it only runs with browser mode. Splinterlands is a typical trading card game (TCG), with each card functioning as a collectible item (hence, NFT) that you can own and store on the blockchain.

Splinterland is a typical TCG (Trading Card Game)

You can trade, exchange and buy them as you see fit. While it has Pokemon-like elements that make you want to play it on the go, the browser’s limitations are frustrating.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained

4. Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a card game similar in many ways to the popular online game Hearthstone.

However, each type of card is a component of the ERC 721 token. As they progress in the game, players acquire collectible decks of cards. These cards are, in fact, crypto assets that are wholly owned by the player.

Gods Unchained
Gods Unchained

The game can be played in single-player or multiplayer mode with weekly competitions. With $15 million in funding, Gods Unchained has a bright future ahead of it.

The Neon District

Neon District
Neon District gives you a strong Cyberpunk 2077 vibe

3. Neon District

The Neon District is a blockchain-based game, set in a typical cyberpunk dystopian world, and strongly resembling “Blade Runner” and other similar games that continue to appeal to gamers of all ages and backgrounds.

While there is nothing uniquely new about this cyberpunk RPG-based crypto game, it is this familiarity that keeps players interested in it for a long time.

The Neon District demonstrates well what humanity can come to if it continues to treat everything that exists in the same greedy and consumerist way.

Neon District
Neon District

The game structure revolves around basic principles of strategic planning and fighting, in order for you to become the king of the Neon District.

The whole essence of the Neon District stems from its name. This is cyberpunk at its best.

High tech, low life, as they say.


Mythereum looks like an old-school fantasy RPG
And we meant it in a good way

2. Mythereum

This 2018 collectible card game is the first-ever card game on the Ethereum blockchain.

For that along, Mythereum certainly deserves to be placed the second best.

The game encourages players to keep their characters alive in order to win, similar to Pokemon.

As with these games, Mythereum players start with Survivor Tier cards, which are given out for free. Cards of different levels have different limits on the number. The higher you climb, the more the limit increases from 30 to 50,000 cards.

It is extremely important to remember that these cards are blockchain assets (NFTs, to put it simply).

Users can withdraw and store them on their Ethereum wallet to exchange or convert to regular currency at any time.

Spells Of Genesis

Spells Of Genesis

1. Spells Of Genesis

Spells of Genesis is again, a blockchain-based trading card game (TCG), allowing users to trade or collect orbs as they progress through the game. Gamers can test and create playable decks in the world of Askian.

Spells of Genesis has successfully occupied 1st place in our top mainly due to the fact that it’s the 1st blockchain-based mobile game EVER made.

Spells of Genesis
Spells of Genesis

It is the first-ever Role Playing Game (RPG) in the crypto gaming market as well. This Bitcoin game includes the fun elements of trading cards as well as standard arcade features.

And besides all that, Spells of Genesis is completely free, making it a great starting point for aspiring crypto gamers.

Spells of Genesis allows players to earn orbs and various items they can collect by progressing within the game. Interestingly, these collectibles are wholly owned by the players, since they are actually stored on the blockchain.

And as with most other crypto games, users can exchange or withdraw crypto items and convert them into fiat currencies.

Spells of Genesis

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