Best Auto-Trading Bitcoin Platforms 2021

Various platforms and trading solutions for trading cryptocurrencies (both Bitcoin and a large number of other altcoins) have already flooded the entire market and it can be difficult for a beginner to navigate in the choice of one or another platform.

However, it is a great way to build your own passive income foundation and live happily ever after relaxing under a palm tree in Bali, earning all your capital solely on trading on one platform or another.

In this article, we will tell you about those platforms in general (we have already covered most of them in detail in some of our previous articles) and answer the most frequently asked questions you’ve sent to us.

So, in a nutshell: what is an automated application for trading Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies?)


These are specialized applications designed to optimize your trading strategy.

In order to avoid the need to execute all orders manually, such applications independently scan a huge array of data to analyze and determine the optimal trading strategy.

Those programs are based on specially developed algorithms that completely exclude the human factor and allow calculating probabilities with much greater accuracy and speed.

Best Auto-Trading Bitcoin Platforms 2021

The latter factor plays an important role in the crypto currency trading market since often in real trading the price of an error is literally a few seconds and such software will allow you to get ahead of your competitors.

It should be remembered that due to the wide variety of such platforms for automated trading, not all of them have the same functionality.

Moreover, each of them has both its own indisputable advantages and obvious disadvantages.

We will talk about all this further.




✔️ Greater accuracy of the final data, due to the exclusion of the human factor and the presence of powerful algorithms at the base. In addition, such systems are usually very fast in operation, which is not typical for manual trading.

❌ The same lack of a human factor is at the same time a disadvantage since by entrusting your deposit to the platform’s trading bot, you can only hope for its impeccable observance of a cold, soulless algorithm, to which you will not be able to make claims in case of partial or complete loss of the deposit.

As a result, there are possible risks involved.

✔️ The calculation speed of automated systems is incomparably higher than manual trading.

Among other things, due to the automation of the trading process, the trader frees up a lot of his time for competently regulating his assets, instead of a long, monotonous process of placing orders (something that a machine can do).

❌ As we have repeatedly mentioned earlier, the cryptocurrency market is super volatile and, as a result, unstable, so it can be very difficult to control the trading process and avoid risks even with the assistance of such platforms for trading automation.

✔️ The presence of powerful algorithms at the base allows you to avoid the main factor of failed transactions – excessive emotional factors.

Automated platforms are regulated only by the work of built-in algorithms with their cold, rational, “pure math” calculation, which is an undoubted advantage.

❌ It will not be easy for some novice users to get out of their comfort zone and leave the management of their assets in the mechanical hands of an automated trading bot.

In addition, all its complexity may require the need for some basic training: familiarity with the basic interface of the application, etc.

Best Auto-Trading Bitcoin Platforms 2021

At the moment, there are a huge number of automated systems for trading cryptocurrencies on the market.

In this regard, it should be remembered that among them there may also be scam platforms, the only purpose of which is to get your funds, so be careful.


Best Auto-Trading Bitcoin Platforms 2021

We write such articles not only for entertainment but for educational purposes as well, reviewing various products (some of which you can find in our previous reviews presented on our website) and not all of these platforms have been tested and verified yet.


Some of the best auto-trading platforms for successful cryptocurrency trading in 2021:


Bitcoin Digital

Bitcoin Digital

Bitcoin Digital is one of the most popular and proven automated cryptocurrency trading platforms today. The percentage of successful transactions on the Bitcoin Digital platform reaches about 90 percent, which exceeds the performance of competitive applications.

A large number of positive reviews indicate the availability of round-the-clock technical support and convenient work on the platform.


Bitcoin Evolution

Bitcoin Evolution

Bitcoin Evolution is an advanced technology for analyzing a large amount of statistical data in order to derive the most accurate predictions and signals for entering a trade.

The application is designed with the latest advances in cryptocurrency trading software in mind and uses the most advanced algorithms to optimize your trading strategy and generate profits.


Bitcoin Evolution

An intuitive interface, round-the-clock technical support, and, of course, a high percentage of profitable transactions speaks of a clear advantage of Bitcoin Evolution among many similar platforms for cryptocurrency trading.

By the way, earlier we wrote an extensive article about Bitcoin Evolution, you can check it out in case you want to know more about the project.

Bitcoin Era

We also wrote about the Bitcoin Era earlier, where we analyzed in detail the functionality of the program and its distinctive features (including disadvantages and advantages).


Bitcoin Era

Like Bitcoin Evolution (as well as Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Trader, and Bitcoin Profit), Bitcoin Era is the next solution in the field of automated cryptocurrency trading platforms.

The program uses many specially designed and built-in algorithms for the fundamental analysis of data sets in order to more accurately and successfully predict the points of entry of a particular trade.

At the moment, the platform helps a huge number of users to earn money on a daily basis.

Next, we will guide you regarding the registration process on the platform and the subsequent execution of your first orders.

All such platforms are largely identical, therefore their interface is also very similar. In this example, we will be using Bitcoin Digital, but keep in mind that all these steps are perfectly doable on any other platform.

1. So, step first: registering an account.

Select the chosen platform on the website (trading system) in the drop-down menu. After that, you will need to fill out a special form to be able to get a personal broker that will be connected to your trading account.

In addition, there is also an option to fill out a form on the site, for which you will need to indicate your general data (name, surname, email).

2. Verification

Verification is required to increase the limit and get all the platform’s features. To do this, as usual, you must verify your identity.


Bitcoin Trader

3. Make a minimum deposit of £ 250.

The affiliate brokers of the platform (and similar platforms) are regulated.

4. Making your first deposit and starting live trading.

After completing all the previous registration steps (starting with registering an account, ending with a minimum deposit of £ 250), live trading will become available to you.

With the help of your personal broker (which you should have gotten in the first step), you will be able to start making your first transactions on the platform, and the broker will guide you through the trading terminal’s interface and basic trading terms.

However, we would advise you not to start right away with live trading, focusing instead on a demo account to practice your skills first.

So, now we will tell you about the Bitcoin Digital technology, what exactly makes this project stand out from other similar platforms and what exactly lies at the heart of this technology.

Bitcoin Digital is a platform for automated trading of various cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, etc.) and is designed specifically to help both novice users and experienced traders automate their trading process and optimize their trading strategy in order to make a profit.

At the heart of Bitcoin Digital are modern powerful algorithms for calculating, searching, and analyzing data in order to predict the best moment to enter a transaction in the huge cryptocurrency market, in order to save the user from having to carry out these calculations manually.

Best Auto-Trading Bitcoin Platforms 2021

The platform has already proven itself in a positive way, because the percentage of successful transactions is extremely high, which indicates the high-quality work of the algorithms that underlie this system.

Nevertheless, we would not completely exclude the need for manual correction of the trading bot operation (in any case, you will have to adjust the interface and trading parameters to your personal taste).

Let us dwell in more detail on such platforms’ advantages (as opposed to manual trading).

Recommended Bitcoin Platforms


The computer algorithm of Bitcoin Digital (and other similar platforms) allows analyzing a large amount of data for a successful entry into a transaction.


Math… Math is everywhere

Especially in crypto

Data means both news and many other factors that affect the price of an asset, so we can say that the algorithm combines both technical and fundamental analysis. The platform also allows evaluating the trading decisions of the algorithm after receiving the profit.

Complex math formulas for improving the performance of the algorithm

The algorithms are based on a complex mathematical model, which includes special formulas that make it possible to predict the outcome of a particular trade with high accuracy. These algorithms are constantly being refined and improved by platform experts.

One of the most frequently asked questions is: how much can you earn with platform trading bots like Bitcoin Robot, for example?

We will not tire of repeating that the cryptocurrency market is very volatile, so it can be extremely difficult to predict the outcome of transactions, since any trading strategy is fraught with great risk, and a huge number of factors affect the price of a token.

Due to the volume of variables that need to be taken into account, it is often difficult to keep all these factors in mind, and as a result, many novice traders follow their emotions and, as a result, lose their deposits.

It is with the aim of automating the process and, in fact, delegating it to an emotionless robot that such systems have been developed.

Yes, they allow you to earn, but how much depends both on your strategy and on the initial deposit. Some traders report tens of thousands of dollars in daily earnings. Do not forget that the main thing is not quantity, but regularity.


Best Auto-Trading Bitcoin Platforms 2021

How legit are these Bitcoin Platforms?

Based on the results of our mini-investigation, we can confidently report that those Bitcoin Automated Trading Platforms are quite legit.

In any case, a huge number of positive reviews speaks of the clear merits of the project.

However, before trying to trade on a live account, we would advise you to try your hand at a demo account (all Bitcoin Platforms listed in our articles offer such a trading mode).

What exactly distinguishes an automated trading platform from a regular exchange (such as Binance or Kucoin)?

Unlike conventional crypto exchanges for trading, automated platforms (like Bitcoin Digital) allow an autonomous analysis of assets based on many factors (historical data on a price chart, news, etc.) in order to predict more or less accurate data for the most successful entry into the deal.

This is possible due to the presence of built-in algorithms (which in turn are based on a complex mathematical model that uses complex mathematical formulas) and machine neural networks with the possibility of self-learning.

Also, in most specialized platforms for automated trading, there is a copy trade function that allows you to copy transactions from the most successful traders, which will save you from having to analyze a particular transaction manually.

On some of the mentioned platforms, the “copy trading” feature is also available!

The closest thing that Binance can offer you as a trading bot is grid trading, but in terms of functionality, this basic trading bot is significantly inferior to the capabilities of Bitcoin Digital, Bitcoin Era, Bitcoin Evolution, and other similar platforms.

However, choosing one or another platform (whether it is a platform for automatic trading or a conventional crypto exchange for spot trading or futures trading) does not mean that you cannot enjoy the advantages of both platforms at the same time.

Signing up an account on the platform for automated trading using a broker.

1. Registration

Registration with a broker will not take much of your time, since the procedure is quite standard. On the website, you will be asked to fill out a standard form (email, name, surname, contact details), after which a standard confirmation will follow by the specified email.

Also, in addition to registration, it will be possible to simply link an existing page (for example, your Facebook account) with the platform.


The trading bot at work

The trading bot at work

2. KYC verification

At the moment, KYC verification has become mandatory, in order to avoid fraud and loss of funds, and to be allowed to make a deposit and trade on a live account (unfortunately, such functions are not available without verification).


KYC (“Know Your Customer”) Verification

For successful verification, the platform will ask you for a photo, passport details, etc. after which you will need to wait a few days (as a rule, from 2 to 5) and if the provided data is valid, then you will be verified and will be able to use all the platform’s features.

3. Making the initial minimum deposit

To be able to trade, you will need to make your minimum deposit, which is 250 euros or pounds. You can make a deposit without even going through verification, but in this case, only demo trading will be available to you and you will not be able to withdraw money from the platform.

The platform also allows you to deposit up to 2000 euros to the platform, however, to increase the limit (both for deposit and for withdrawal), you will need to provide additional documents.

4. Trading time!

After going through all the previous steps, you will finally have access to cryptocurrency trading.

You will need to enter the classic trading mode by clicking on the “Trading Markets” button, after which the trading interface will open up.

If you have ever traded on Binance, Kucoin, Bybit, then it will not be difficult for you to figure out what is what, since the interfaces of all these platforms are almost identical.

Select the asset you need (or type it in the search bar) and then choose to sell or buy it at the market price, place a limit order and at what price mark to place stop loss and take profit.

5. Positions “short” and “long”.

Like Binance, the platform offers short and long positions. “Short” means that you are betting on a fall in the price of the asset, “long” means, on the contrary, you are betting that the price of the coin will rise and you will earn a profit.


Best Auto-Trading Bitcoin Platforms 2021

A small guide on how to choose a platform for automated trading

There are a huge number of different trading platforms on the market, and often the choice in favor of one or another software can be quite difficult, especially for a newbie in the field of cryptocurrencies.

First of all, pay special attention to how exactly the platform analyzes and collects data – is it done manually, or using specialized algorithms?

This is quite an important factor since the latter distinguishes automated trading software from a regular exchange, where traders place orders and analyze transactions manually.

Depending on the program chosen, commissions for transactions and the minimum deposit can vary (sometimes quite significantly), so be sure to pay attention to this factor before proceeding to a more detailed acquaintance.

Also, the presence or absence of certain assets (tokens) on a particular platform can push you towards the final choice in favor of any of them.

Imagine wanting to trade Coin98 on one of them, and then be “pleasantly surprised” to find out it’s not there.

Which celebrities are affiliated with/publicly endorse platforms for automated cryptocurrency trading?

There are a lot of rumors on the Internet that this or that celebrity is somehow connected with this or that auto-trading platform.

We (hopefully, you too) understand where these rumors come from, as celebrities with great influence could very well receive an offer of collaboration from one of these platforms in order to attract potential customers.

However, in our previous articles, we have repeatedly exposed (or rather, did not find a sufficient evidence base to confirm) all kinds of rumors about the connection of famous actors, singers, and politicians with such Bitcoin platforms.

Today’s article won’t be an exception either, but if you want to familiarize yourself with our investigations in more detail, you are welcome to read our previous articles.

Our conclusion

Trading equals risk.

Trading such a super-volatile asset as cryptocurrency is associated with even greater risks, because except for “the price chart will go to the right”, no one really can say anything more since no one knows the future.

In the same way, predicting for sure whether you will lose all your investments or be able to significantly increase them depends only on you and on the chosen:

a) trading strategy 

b) risk management


Risk management is a must

The latter is especially important because even if you have a perfectly working (and personally proven) trading strategy, without risk management you will not be able to keep your savings and at some point, you will simply lose everything you earned.

So…let that sink in.



What are platforms for automated cryptocurrency trading (Bitcoin Era, Bitcoin Evolution, Bitcoin Digital)?

Bitcoin platform is software for trading cryptocurrency in an automatic mode, without the need for manual calculations and transactions.

Do any of the celebrities support Bitcoin Digital?

Despite a large number of rumors on the net, nothing is known at the moment. None of those claims have been proven yet, thus at the moment, they remain to be rumors.

What is the system that underlies Bitcoin platforms? And how exactly do they work?

Specialized algorithms built into platforms for automatic trading of cryptocurrencies work according to mathematical formulas to analyze a large amount of data in order to predict a successful entry into a transaction.

Also, some algorithms can control the system for placing limit orders, which can greatly facilitate the trader’s work.

What is the minimum deposit required to start live trading?

As with other similar platforms, the minimum deposit amount is 250 euros.