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How to create an NFT collection

Let’s look at the basic steps that will help you create and launch your own NFT collection.

This is a rather interesting and entertaining process, which in the future may also be profitable, although no one guarantees this.

When creating an NFT, the author sets the initial sale price, as well as royalties – what percentage of royalties he will receive from resales.

So, the key steps are:

Development of a recognizable and interesting concept.

The tokens themselves, the website, marketing, and the style of communication with customers should fit into it.


Here you need to consider what new features will be available to NFT holders over time. It is also necessary to plan what share of the funds from the sold NFTs will go to the development of the project.

Creation of images, animations, video, or audio underlying the tokens.

Typically, code is used to generate from various predefined components, and you can specify the degree of each component.

AfterOrder NFT
One of the best NFT Collections out there – AfterOrder NFT

Coding a smart contract to generate NFTs based on given items.

Almost every NFT collection has items programmed to be unique from others. These items usually cost more than the minimum price.

You need to build a website in order to launch your NFTs.

A user interface is needed through which buyers will be able to send money and receive purchased NFTs. The industry standard tends to be websites built with ReactJS for the front-end.

The Animetas NFT
The Animetas NFT collection

Creating a Twitter, Discord, Instagram, or another social network account to communicate with interested people and share news about the project.

A very important point to remember:

There are already a huge number of NFT collections!

Thus, it’s no longer enough to just create a dozen cute characters with no utility whatsoever, hoping they get bought in an instant.


It is necessary to stand out in some way and provide additional benefits, new content, and other opportunities for the community.

Billion Buns
“Billion Buns” by Chairman Ting NFT Collection

Where can I buy or sell NFTs?

These are the most popular platforms for buying, selling, and creating NFTs, as well as hosting entire collections:

  • Binance NFTs
  • Opensea
  • Superrare
  • Sorare
  • Mintable

Please note that you need a Web3 wallet such as Metamask to connect to the platforms. The exception is Binance NFT, this site is linked to the main account of the exchange. Also, minting new tokens is considered a transaction, so you will have to pay a network fee.


What is NFT?

The blockchain technology that secures copyright to digital or real items. Each resulting token is unique and irreplaceable.

What is an NFT collection?

A set of NFTs, united by a single theme, from one creator. May include a limited or unlimited number of objects.

What is the point of purchasing such collections?

This is done for various purposes: support for the industry, personal interest (art purpose), subsequent resale in the event of an increase in value, etc. Some collections are valued at millions of dollars.

What blockchain are the objects on?

Ethereum is the most actively used, although any blockchain with support for smart contracts can be used for this purpose.

8-bit Image
Some of these NFTs Collections are even inspired by Retro 8-bit Gaming Era

What is the most popular NFT collection?

At the time of writing, Cryptopunks. Cryptopunks include 10,000 unique characters of various rarities, with the most expensive sale being $7.5 million.

How are collectible NFTs created, drawn by hand?

Rarely. Typically, a number of attributes are drawn, and then the code automatically generates a certain number of unique characters from them. In this case, the creator can set the rarity parameters for each attribute.

Bored Apes
Bored Apes Yacht Club NFT Collection

What platforms can I buy NFTs on?

Binance NFT, OpenSea, Mintable are among the most popular and convenient platforms.

OpenSea. The most popular NFT Marketplace out there


The range of NFT possibilities is unlimited and varied.

These tokens provide copyright protection for collectibles and digital art, as well as real estate in the virtual world, and much more.

Given the growing popularity and adoption of NFT, other blockchain platforms besides Ethereum have also taken notice of this technology.

There is no doubt that even more artists will enter the sector in the near future.

The top NFT collections have huge potential in terms of value. The ecosystem for interacting with them is actively developing, today it is possible to digitize almost any asset, not only virtual but also physical ones.

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