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January 22, 2022


What’s next for Mobox? Mobox MOMOVerse & Other

Alrighy folks, in the previous parts we’ve introduced you to the Mobox, talked about the GameFi mechanics so elegantly implemented within this project and so on… 

In the final part, we’re gonna contemplate about Mobox bright future and also touch a little bit upon Mbox Tokenomics

So, without further ado… 

Let’s get to it, shall we?..

MBOX Tokenomics

The maximum supply of Mbox tokens is limited to 1 billion MBOX, but currently, the total supply is 389 million coins.

Of these, only 79.5 million MBOX are currently circulating, with a market capitalization of $405 million.

The current price for 1 MBOX token is 5.10 USD.

Distribution of MBOX coins:

Mobox token allocation
  • 51% to the community
  • 21% – to participants
  • 20% – to the team
  • 8% – to strategic partners

Developers strive to achieve complete transparency between the dev team and the participants. 

Therefore, the function of automatic redemption and burning of coins through smart contracts was developed, which allows you to decentralize the process and make it independent. 

Smart contracts monitor the average token value over the last 72 hours. 

If the price dropped below the average for this period, then the smart contract starts working, exchanging funds in the pool for MBOX tokens during a randomly generated period of time.


The Future of Mobox

As we mentioned earlier, in the near future the Mobox developers are planning to create a full-fledged Mobox Metaverse, which will be called MOMOVERSE.

Mobox MOMOVERSE is almost here
Mobox MOMOVERSE is almost here

Here how the early “beta” looks like:

Mobox MOMOVERSE gives me strong “Stardew Valley” vibes
Mobox MOMOVERSE gives me strong “Stardew Valley” vibes

As you can see, MomoVerse will combine all the other Mobox games.

What else comes with the Mobox Metaverse?

First, each user will receive their own unique MOMOVerse Avatar for identification.

Mobox MOMOVERSE allows you to create and customize your own NFTs
Mobox MOMOVERSE allows you to create and customize your own NFTs

By the way, recently on the Binance exchange, there was a special giveaway from Mobox, where each user received his avatar and also, when entering the ID number of any of the project participants, was offered the opportunity to win NFTs in BlindBoxes from Mobox. 

Mobox MOMOVERSE giveaway was a bit messy, but still generous
Mobox MOMOVERSE giveaway was a bit messy, but still generous

However, due to some participants’ login problems, this promotion was temporarily suspended. 


Anyway, as soon as the competition resumes, do not forget to use the following id code to receive special tickets, allowing you to participate in the giveaway:


NFT Creator

Mobox NFT Creator
Mobox NFT Creator

With the help of this tool, each participant of the Mobox platform will be able to create and customize their own NFTs, with the possibility of further mint and then sale/resale it (with royalty charges for each resale of their NFT token).

Game Creator


Mobox is following the Roblox project’s footsteps! 

Imagine Roblox and MOMOverse collaboration

With the introduction of this mechanism, users will have the opportunity to create their own full-fledged Play-To-Earn games based on the Mobox engine, with the ability to run in MOMOVerse, which will allow you to earn money as a project creator!


Mobox METAfund - these guys will sponsor the hell out of you
Mobox METAfund – these guys will sponsor the hell out of you

Mobox will have a special fund that will be used in order to make investments in promising “not-yet-launched” projects wishing to be launched in the Mobox Metaverse. 

For example, if you have a ready-made crypto game, but there are no funds to get your financing from – METAFund is at your service! 

If your project is liked by the Mobox team, they will gladly finance your project and accompany you on your way to a successful launch.


Mobox DAG
Mobox DAG

Mobox DAG stands for “Decentralized Autonomous Guild,” which is powered by smart contracts. 

Using DAG, you can create your own fully functional MOMO community with the ability to implement NFT in it. 


It’s no secret that Mobox is powered by a third-party network – Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20).

Mobox Chain So, besides their own token, they’ll also have their own network… Nice
Mobox Chain
So, besides their own token, they’ll also have their own network… Nice

However, Mobox Chain will soon be released – its own NFT POS blockchain network from the creators of the Mobox platform, which will accelerate transactions, will be carbon neutral and, as the official description says “where NFTs collected through your in-game experience acts as your node on the MOBOX blockchain network ”.

I don’t know about you guys, but we’ll be definitely looking forward to that!

Advantages and disadvantages

MOBOX Advantages:

  • The presence of a constantly updated roadmap of the project and global development prospects (in the near future – the MOMOVerse Metaverse).
  • Collaboration with the largest representatives of the blockchain and DeFi market, including ApeSwap and Binance.
  • The Mobox project’s smart contract was checked by the best auditing company Certik.
  • Convenient mobile application with full web version functionality;
  • Availability of an affiliate program;Fully functioning Play-to-Earn gaming system + a wide variety of games and ways to earn money.

MOBOX Drawbacks:

Unfortunately, due to the high volatility of the MBOX token, the reward system (number of coins) remains to be quite unstable, so to speak.

Due to the high popularity of the project, there is high competition for prizes in free games, that is, it is quite difficult to win without any initial investments.



In general, the Mobox project is one of the most promising projects today.

Even in its current state, Mobox looks more than worthy, but in our opinion, if they systematically and consistently follow their roadmap and ultimately implement all their plans of creating a full-fledged metaverse, then next year the Mobox platform will be able to take a leading place among all the Play-To-Earn-based blockchain gaming systems on the market.

Well… if Biswap doesn’t blow up the market sooner with its Squid Game World, which comes out a little later this month.

But that, my friends, is a story for another time…


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