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January 8, 2022

‘Ello, Lads & Lassies! 

Today we will tell you about the Coin98 platform

We will tell you how we can make money here before everyone else and until the prizes are cut, as it was with TWT when the first lucky ones gained a lot of money.


So let’s start with an overview of the wallet itself.

In our opinion, the purchase of the C98 token at the current price wouldn’t be the best financial strategy. 

Quite recently, there was a launchpad, and on the day of listing on the Binance exchange, the C98 coin rose by more than 4000%, then rolled back around $ 1, and now it is best to wait, as most likely there will be another rollback.

By the way, congratulations to those of you who have successfully participated in this launchpad. We know that many managed to earn more than 10 and 20 X’s on the day of listing.

Most likely, for another couple of months, the coin will slowly fall in price (of course, in the absence of some cool news that will reverse the trend). Therefore, the general recommendation (not financial advice!) is to hold back with the purchase for now.

So let’s get down to an overview of the Coin98 platform.

This project was created by a team from Vietnam – with the help of the largest crypto fund in their country. In March 2021, the project received a $ 40 million investment from Alameda Research.


For the record, let me remind you that the Coin98 launchpad took place quite recently.

Users were asked to keep a certain amount of BNB coins on the spot on the Binance crypto exchange for a period of 7 days. 

After a week, all BNB holders participating in the launchpad were offered to exchange these BNB coins in exchange for allocating a certain number of coins (in accordance with the amount of BNB that the user had on the spot balance) C98, with the aim of further selling on the day of listing. 

It should be noted that the conditions of the competition cover a fairly large percentage of users, given that the BNB coin is the native token of the Binance crypto exchange, it is easy to imagine how many people could potentially take part in this launchpad without even knowing it. 

Nevertheless, this launchpad really turned out to be extremely profitable – the coin immediately jumped in price and those lucky ones who got the C98 during the presale immediately sold it at a jumped price, earning over 4000%.

Gosh, the crypto world never ceases to amaze, ain’t it?

Succesfull Binance listing
Succesfull Binance listing

In general, we should draw your attention to the fact that the Coin98 project is not only another “coin” for high-interest rates and quick profits. Developers have huge plans that go far ahead of purely financial goals, so it would be unfair to consider Coin98 solely as a highly profitable crypto asset.

What we like about the Coin 98 project is that everything will be in one place, since the main feature of this project is to serve as a kind of “bridge” between blockchains, connecting all blockchains on one platform, without any “portals”, which is very convenient … 

Now it has:

Crypto wallet, their own Venture Fund, Coin 98 Labs, Coin 98 Exchange, C98 token, Coin 98 portfolio, etc.

The main idea behind Coin98 project is it’s cross-chain bridge concept – to be used as an ultra versatile multi-blockchain bridge, to connect every blockchain there is. Sounds… very promising, ain’t it?

By the way, in the mobile application, you can find: a calendar of crypto events, a browser, market metrics, and all capitalization statistics, information about the crypto market, and scanning of blockchains, and now they have all sorts of things on their website, including various contests and airdrops.

And of course, now they offer X-Points for new users, which I will talk about a little later.

What you see on the screen right now is what I like the most: it’s their roadmap. According to that, they plan to launch farming, staking, and another launchpad in the future.

In general, everything that has already been invented in the crypto, the platform developers plan to implement here (or have already implemented at the time when this article is being written).

Coin98 Mobile App
Coin98 Mobile App

So… How do you start with Coin98?

First of all, download the Coin98 mobile application on Google Play or AppStore. Or through their website: simply click and you’ll be redirected to the app.

Next, enter your nickname and come up with a password.

After that, you are already in the application (but not yet in your crypto wallet) and then you need to click “add wallet” and then click “restore” if you want to add an existing one.

For the record, I am a risk diversification proponent and I advise you to create many wallets and store money in different wallets since you never know whether or not you’ll be hacked or you can simply forget your password.

In order not to lose everything, you may wanna put your money in different wallets, so in case something bad happens, you only lose only a certain amount of your total deposit, but not all.

Personally, I have about 7 wallets, each with roughly equal amounts.

In order to create a new wallet, press “Create”, enter the name of the new wallet, and write down these 12 words (seed phrase) in several reliable places, preferably not on a computer, but physically, on a piece of paper. You can also duplicate this phrase on a second phone, without access to the Internet. Which will always be by your side, with all the 2FAs and with all the keys.

Next, confirm all the actions and you’re done.

Then everything is exactly the same as in Trust Wallet and SafePal. In order to receive, for example, BNB – click on the green button “Receive”, an address will be generated and then you can send BNB to this address.

Another unique wallet option is that by swiping to the left, you can connect your exchange account to this wallet and monitor the balance you have there. You cannot take any action (this is not a trading bot, but only a multi-wallet), but note that it is a very convenient way to monitor the current deposit you have on the exchange.

In order to link an exchange account (for example, Binance), you only need to enter the API key and the secret key of your account created earlier on the exchange.

All the most popular exchanges are supported, from Binance to FTX, Okex, KuCoin.

So, now we’ve figured out the main Coin98 features, let’s get down to the fun part: X-Points from the Coin 98 platform.

X-Points are a kind of in-app bonuses that you can earn with little or no investment by… simply exchanging coins through the “built-in” Coin 98 exchanger (with your connected wallet, of course).

Now the rate has probably changed, but a week ago, when exchanging, let’s say, 1000 USDT, you would have received about 500 X-Points.

Now we will show you how to do this

Alright, so I have USDT (Tether) on my balance. I personally have not tested on other stable coins, but we recommend that you exchange from USDT to any other cryptocurrency, for example, BNB.

So, what does it look like technically?

We go to the swap tab, select USDT (what we’ll use to buy), and below any coin of choice, I will select BNB (what we will buy). Further, everything is the same as in all other standard decentralized exchangers – we press the swap button, confirm, pay the gas commission (here it will be very cheap, due to the Binance Smart Chain blockchain) and then the swap takes place.

I know, tokens depicted on this screenshot are not USDT/BNB swap, but it’s all the same folks. Just use your imagination, it’s really that easy
I know, tokens depicted on this screenshot are not USDT/BNB swap, but it’s all the same folks. Just use your imagination, it’s really that easy

Then you can click on the double arrow to swap positions and make the exchange again … and again… and again… Depending on your patience and the amount of money for gas commissions.

Each time you have to confirm the transaction
Each time you have to confirm the transaction

An important point! From personal observation, X-Points are credited only for exchanging coins directly in the exchanger of the Coin 98 wallet! If you go to any other exchanger (like PancakeSwap), then besides the lost commission you will not receive anything else (verified).

You do it as much as you want (or until your BNB run out…)
You do it as much as you want (or until your BNB run out…)

Here you can see how many of these X-Points you have received already.

The Tokenomics behind the project is quite impressive What’s even more impressive is their roadmap
The Tokenomics behind the project is quite impressive What’s even more impressive is their roadmap

The question is – why do we need these coins?

According to the developers, X-Points is a way of encouraging users to try out the various features of the Coin 98 wallet.

With the help of these bonus coins, users will be able to receive various bonuses and rewards through the project’s specialized store, X-Store, have exclusive rights (it remains unclear what for) and also the opportunity to participate in various games and other fun projects from the platform.

While there is no detailed information regarding these coins, it is not even known when exactly they will add these coins as a medium of exchange to the platform.

However, it is recalled that when the Trust Wallet came out last year, the developers, in order to encourage new users, also implemented a similar “bonus” program, distributing bonus coins for the exchange.

At the very beginning of the launch of this promotion, they’d give away 3 thousand bonus coins for 1 referral.

Then later, with the involvement of a large number of users, they significantly reduced this bonus (to 100 coins per 1 referral) then, as you probably already know, these bonuses were allowed to be exchanged for native Trust Wallet tokens (TWT) 1 to 1, which you could immediately sell and make good money on it.


We suspect that the same situation is possible here – the accrual of bonus coins for the purpose of exchange at a rate of 1 to one and further sale at a favorable price.

And perhaps everything will be even more interesting, and the presence of such bonuses will allow you to participate in various projects from the platform or receive other equally valuable tokens.

In general, at the moment there is very little information and we do not know exactly what rewards will be available in exchange for these X-Point bonus coins, we do not know what games will be presented there and what kind of “exclusive rights” they will introduce to users, it is not even clear when exactly everything will start working.

But since we believe in the prospects of the project, we are sure that it is worth a try. 

Who knows what potential earning opportunities are hidden in these mysterious bonus coins?

all in one

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