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December 3, 2021


What Is Bitcoin Rush and How Can It Help You Get Rich?

Bitcoin Rush is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges. Supports many languages and deposit methods. For normal operations, a standard account will be enough, although there are VIP accounts for experienced traders and for large investors. 

For beginners, a demo mode is offered, which will introduce you to the exchange in the most comfortable way… In demo mode, the system provides access to many functions.

Bitcoin Rush Review
Bitcoin Rush Review

Really, we’ve just tried it and this exchange is one of the best. The developers have equipped the service with TradingView software. This is a huge set of tools for working with price charts. Starting from the Fibonacci grid, ending with complex trading indicators. You can save your graphs and then switch to any currency pair of your choice.

The interface is very intuitively understandable (like on most other cryptocurrency platforms). Green arrow – to go “long”, red – to sell “short”. Do not forget to indicate the number of coins and the purchase or sale price.

The advantages include a wide variety of coins, a simple interface, and great liquidity (the currency moves quickly, the market is active).
TradingView is a trading platform, a terminal that provides the user with a huge number of tools for analyzing cryptocurrencies, communicating with the exchange via the API.

Bitcoin Rush
Bitcoin Rush
Bitcoin Rush Review
Bitcoin Rush Review

You are assigned secret keys that must be entered in the trading terminal settings and start trading on a single platform. This is a very convenient option for universal trading.

Bitcoin Rush Special Type Of Grid You Need To Know About

Fibonacci grid. The instrument is named after the Italian mathematician Leonardo Pisano, known as Fibonacci. The scientist loved the game of mathematical numbers, so he tried to equate the laws of nature with mathematical orders.

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987, 1597 … If you add each successive value to the previous one, you get the result equal to the next number. This sequence is called Fibonacci numbers.

The deduced sequence has many interesting properties. If you divide the line into two segments so that the ratio between the larger and smaller segment is proportional to the ratio of the entire line to the larger segment, you get a proportionality factor of approximately 1.618, which is known as the golden ratio. 

In trading (specifically, on Bitcoin Rush) that ratio proves to be useful as well.

Bitcoin Rush Review
Bitcoin Rush Review

It is necessary to draw a grid from the beginning of the growth to the last high of this movement – Bitcoin Rush perfectly allows drawing on a chart. A multi-colored grid with Fibonacci ratios will appear on the chart.

It is believed that “strong” levels start from 0.382 and below, and in an uptrend, they are unlikely to reach 0.786, so the likely entry point will be within 0.382-0.5. Many processes in nature obey rhythms and algorithms and the stock market on Bitcoin Rush is no exception. 

Therefore, market movement is a projection of the sentiment of buyers and sellers. 

To some extent, the market also obeys natural processes, and, therefore, obeys regular traders. Therefore, predicting market movements using simple tools is not such a difficult task. 

Moreover, Bitcoin Rush has assistants in its arsenal. With their help, you can more accurately identify the necessary goals and find a profitable entry or exit point in the market.

As practice shows, finding an entry point to a position is easier than deciding when to sell, because a person tends to succumb to a destructive feeling – greed. 

As experienced traders say, there is no price too high to buy or too low to sell. Only the correct position and interest are taken into account, in which the profit is calculated.

Bitcoin Rush Main Feature

One of the key features of Bitcoin Rush is a huge number of different indicators for successful trading. 

In this particular article, we won’t be talking about standard functions, such as the presence of a demo account and round-the-clock technical support, since you already know all this – such functions are always available on exchanges of this quality. 

Instead, we will focus on a more detailed description of Bitcoin Rush indicators and how to work with them specifically.

There is a myriad of indicators on the Bitcoin Rush exchange, there are also custom modifications that can be modified in the desired direction. 

But at the initial stage, it is better to use classic tools.

RSI. Relative Strength Index. 

A useful indicator in the arsenal of traders. The instrument shows overbought and oversold conditions in the market. It is better to combine it with the Awesome Oscillator and EMA, which will allow you to confirm the readings of each and take the most profitable position.

Bitcoin Rush Review
Bitcoin Rush Review

There is an area when crossed at the bottom or at the top, it is considered that the market is oversold or overbought. Using this indicator, you can try to identify the selling point (areas marked in red) and buy point (green areas).

It is important to know that in an uptrend, the RSI indicator is more often in the range from the lower border to the exit beyond the upper border. It rarely drops below the green area, but it is certainly a great buy signal.

This guy is extremely happy that he’s with Bitcoin Rush now
This guy is extremely happy that he’s with Bitcoin Rush now

EMA (Moving Averages). 

The indicator smoothes the price of the period and helps to determine the direction more precisely. It is better to use two indicators with 15 and 30 candlestick intervals. Here we will consider the functionality of the Bitcoin Rush exchange.

Opening the list of indicators, looking for the EMA. Double click on Moving Average Exponential. In the indicator settings, set Length 15 and 30, respectively. Two sinusoidal lines appeared on the chart, periodically intersecting. Such indicators are called lagging and they cannot predict anything, but it will not be difficult to determine the direction of the trend and confirm it.

The direction of the trend is determined by the direction of the EMAs themselves, respectively. If both moving averages are looking up, the trend is upward. Otherwise, it is downward. The intersection of the two EMAs confirms the direction of the trend.

Awesome Oscillator

Consider the standard trading options using the Awesome Oscillator:

“Buy” when the oscillator crosses the zero line from bottom to top, “Sell” when it crosses from top to bottom. Although note that this is rarely profitable, and in a weak market it is unprofitable.

Bitcoin Rush Review
Bitcoin Rush Review

Look for signals. For example, when two local minima are formed. If the second is higher than the first, you probably should consider buying.

It has been empirically revealed that it is most profitable to get out of a position only when using several indicators together with candlestick analysis.
Awesome Oscillator helps to find a good entry point, but it is not always possible to exit a position profitably.

Bitcoin Rush FAQ and Other  Features

Is Bitcoin Rush Legit?

Of course, we’ve tried the Bitcoin Rush platform and can confidently say that Bitcoin Rush is as legit as it can get.

Bitcoin Rush is a cryptocurrency exchange with a spot market and perpetual futures contracts.

Bitcoin Rush is similar in functionality to other similar cryptocurrency exchanges (such as Binance, Bybit, Kucoin, etc.) and includes:

  • Possibility of trading on hundreds of cryptocurrency pairs
  • 24/7 technical support, ready to solve any of your problems in a matter of minutes
  • Availability of indicators for successful trading
  • Availability of both standard and VIP accounts
  • Several dozen instruments for trading on the exchange
  • Referral program as a bonus

Couple of tips for newcomers on the Bitcoin Rush platform

Despite the seeming simplicity, it is very easy to get confused on the market and lose self-control. 

Do not give in to panic and greed! Only a thorough calculation and a well-thought trading strategy.

You shouldn’t sell apartments, cars, houses in order to desperately buy the coins (or any other assets) you need. Also, be sure to remember that you only should invest an amount that is no more than 30% of your entire deposit. Then you will live in peace and be able to experience market ups and downs, having the opportunity to buy more if possible.

Bitcoin Rush Verdict

Bitcoin Rush is a very reliable and brand-new product on the cryptocurrency exchange market. 

It’ll allow you to trade conveniently and have multiple assets and instruments, powerful algorithms, and indicators at your disposal. 

Of course, Bitcoin  X probably won’t make you a millionaire overnight, but it’ll certainly assist you this way.

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