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October 29, 2021

How To Mine Bitcoin

Guide on How To Mine Bitcoin

Bitcoin Mining Explained
What Is Bitcoin Mining?

Bitcoin mining is essentially discovering new bitcoins and adding them to the ones that already exist. This process also contributes to developing and maintaining the blockchain ledger

Cryptocurrency mining is performed via computers because it requires solving extremely complex math problems. Mining is the only way to produce new bitcoins, as this is a digital currency, which cannot be printed on a factory or created manually.

Why Is Crypto Mining Such a Big Deal?

Many consider cryptocurrency to have incredible potential for the future. Bitcoin is completely decentralized and exists only online. 

There is no government, group of people or even one person that can regulate Bitcoin. This virtual currency is powered by the community and offers secure and accessible digital transactions all around the globe.

How Does Bitcoin Mining Work?

Bitcoin uses blockchain, which is a set of online records called blocks

The goal for Bitcoin miners is to discover these blocks and add them to the blockchain. 

Wanna be one of those guys?
Wanna be one of those guys?

The blocks are found, or mined, through solving complex mathematical puzzles. A lot of energy and computing power is required to solve one problem. 

Each network can provide one Bitcoin block per 10 minutes. With many miners working on the same network, the task does not become easier. 

ASIC Mining Farm
ASIC Mining Farm

The puzzles grow in difficulty when new miners join, so there can be still one block every ten minutes. By mining the blocks, all the participants not only receive Bitcoin but also make the network safer through verifying the transactions.

How Bad Is It for the Environment?

Crypto mining is definitely impactful for the environment. An insane amount of energy is spent on mining a single bitcoin. A noticeable carbon footprint is left because of all the mining equipment existing in the world.

mining map in the world

However, the impact of this process is not as drastic in comparison with any financial company. Running a financial institution, such as a bank, requires spending energy on everything, from lighting and heating to powering laptops and copy machines. 

With Bitcoin, it is one person connected to the network who maintains a mining rig.

Total twh

What Mining Equipment to Use

An average PC was enough to mine when Bitcoin first started. However, mining became very competitive soon. The more BTC units are mined, the more electricity and computing power are required to remain efficient. 

This is why mining rigs are used nowadays as opposed to regular computers suitable for their usual tasks.

Equipment Requirements

There is actually no minimum CPU requirement for mining bitcoins. 

However, the quality of your software will define how fast you will be able to mine. 

command prompt
Ethereum Mining GUI

One of the most important standards for miners is cheap or even free power to make the mining profitable.

Choosing Your Mining Hardware

To select hardware for BTC mining, it is necessary to consider your own requirements. 

If you want to start mining with a single device or buy a few ASICs for average mining, you can use Antminer T9+ or Avalon6

Antminer S9 Bitcoin Mining Farm
Antminer S9 Bitcoin Mining Farm

These are quite affordable pieces of equipment for beginner miners. They are also suitable for mining at home without dedicating a separate space to numerous mining devices. You can find many helpful mining tools online.

How to Mine Bitcoin

If you are eager to learn how to mine Bitcoin, there are actually many accessible solutions right for you. Even beginners can start mining effectively after some research and investing in suitable equipment.

Different Ways To Mine Cryptocurrency

There are a handful of crypto mining methods, and each of them has pros and cons:

  • Cloud mining. It is the easiest solution, as you pay a different person or a company to benefit from their mining equipment for a period of time. Everything earned during this period will be transferred to your wallet.
  • CPU mining. This method requires computer processors to mine crypto. While this option was effective in the early years of Bitcoin, almost nobody uses it nowadays because of extremely low mining speed.
GPU mining
GPU mining
  • GPU mining. This solution is currently the most widespread and efficient. Companies or individuals providing tech for cloud mining use this technique because of its efficiency and relatively low price.
  • ASIC mining. ASICs are devices created specifically for mining. While they can perform other tasks, their main goal is to produce crypto.

Getting Started

To start mining, you will need to purchase or build a special mining device

If you are unsure what model you should use, there are numerous lists online that describe the best mining equipment up to date. 

GPU mining

To make the choice a little easier for you, try to consider such characteristics as their performance, energy consumption, and price. 

The most important thing to keep in mind when you are starting mining is energy. Mining devices are very power-hungry, and you should be able to make more in Bitcoin than you spend on your electricity bills. 

Try to calculate everything carefully before starting.

Mining process

Mining on Your Computer

Mining Bitcoin from home is possible, although you should not consider using your regular PC. 

Not only will the mining process be extremely slow to the point it will take years to mine one BTC, but this is also damaging to a regular computer. 

Devices not powerful enough for regular mining will overheat and start malfunctioning quickly. However, you can always build a PC for mining specifically. Based on the mining method you have chosen, you will also be able to decide in which computer parts to invest more for efficient mining.

Tips & Tricks

The first thing important for crypto mining is patience

Take it slow and learn as much as possible in the process to become more efficient. 

Mining is not very quick, and you will not become a millionaire in an instant. Another great piece of advice for both beginner and skilled miners is joining an open-source mining pool. 

This is the most efficient option if you want to have a steady income and gather Bitcoin on a regular basis.

Is Bitcoin Mining Legal?

Overall, mining for Bitcoin and other crypto is legal. This virtual currency is decentralized, and many countries still do not have special laws defining it. 


However, mining can be done through illegal methods, such as hacking into someone’s computer to use its power. In this case, the process becomes illegal.

Is Bitcoin Mining Profitable?

Mining can be very profitable if you do it right. Many things have to be considered when mining in order to make a profit with all the expenses that go into electricity bills and everything necessary for this. 

Selling BTC at the right time for maximum gain is also important.

How Much Can You Make Mining?

Nowadays, a single ASIC generates eight dollars in BTC on average. 

You can increase your profits considerably by investing in more devices, using cloud mining, or selling your Bitcoin at a beneficial rate. 

Those miners who started in the early years of Bitcoin and mined just one block now should have about 500,000 dollars worth of crypto

If you start mining today, it is still possible to sell your bitcoins for thousands of dollars later. Besides, you do not have to stop with one block. 

Tap into a mining pool and start working on a steady income of Bitcoin per week. This way, you will be able to earn decent money now and hold onto Bitcoin for later as well.

Should You Start Mining?

While mining was the easiest and most profitable back in 2010, there are many benefits to farming Bitcoin even today. 

If you are willing to put some time into research and try your luck, it will be totally worth it. 

mining rig

What Are the Pros?

Many crypto enthusiasts choose mining instead of earning BTC some other ways because of the following advantages:

  • Passive income. As soon as you set up your equipment for mining, you can relax and wait for BTC to accumulate slowly on your account.
  • Mining pools. There are numerous mining pools you can join for easier mining. You can expect regular income thanks to the help of the community.
  • Improving the network. If it was not for miners, Bitcoin would not be as strong today. Thanks to new BTC units joining circulation after being mined, the blockchain becomes stronger and more secure.
  • Lower fees. Acquiring Bitcoin from mining as opposed to buying it from someone else involves smaller fees for you.

Risks of Mining

Many of the privacy risks involved in mining are the same as those you can encounter while dealing with other currencies. You should always be very careful with the resources you decide to use. 

This means that both mining pools and cloud mining companies have to be trustworthy for you to avoid fraud. If a company promises you quick rewards and big money, they are probably not quite honest.

Ethereum Mining Pool
Ethereum Mining Pool

Today’s mining is not a swift process and cannot grant you millions of dollars immediately.

In addition, you have to consider that the amount of BTC is limited, and there are about three million bitcoins left to mine. 

We are actually set for a few more decades but do not wait for too long because you can miss the opportunity.

What Is the Future for Bitcoin Mining?

Bitcoin is the first crypto and will probably remain a staple even after it runs out. 

Some experts say that the last BTC will be mined no earlier than 2050; others believe it will be 2100

Crypto mining is prohibited in China
Crypto mining is prohibited in China

In any case, the Bitcoin supply is limited, and as soon as it dries out, the currency will surely increase in value. Keep in mind that even though there can be only 21 million bitcoins, a couple of million will not be circulating. 

This is because each BTC has a special access key, which can be lost. In the event a Bitcoin owner passes away without sharing the address, these BTC will be also inaccessible. 

It is difficult to predict how influential and valuable Bitcoin will be in the far future. Especially, when there are a thousand other cryptocurrencies already in place and so many more to come.

Start mining

Ethereum is one of the most promising cryptos aside from Bitcoin. However, you can be sure to profit from BTC in the next hundred years for sure.

Wrapping Up

Overall, Bitcoin mining is still going strong, and new solutions emerge to simplify the process and make it more profitable.

Mining can be done in a few different ways, and the easiest one allows simply paying a contractor and using their resources for obtaining Bitcoin. Other ones require more involvement and investment. 

mining rig

If you have the desire to learn more about the process and put your mind to it, you will be able to discover the most convenient solution for you. 

With the huge variety of methods and mining equipment, it is possible to build something accessible and efficient. By mining Bitcoin, you not only help yourself with accumulating crypto but also improve the whole system. 

Bitcoin is decentralized, and it is only thanks to miners this cryptocurrency is so prominent now.


What Is Bitcoin Mining?

Mining for Bitcoins means going through an automated process of releasing new Bitcoins into circulation. Special equipment is required for this process, as it consumes lots of energy.

How Does Bitcoin Mining Work?

This process is performed with the help of powerful computers, which solve specific mathematical problems. While it is possible to do with one regular computer, it will take years to get the job done. This is why numerous advanced devices are used.

Can You Still Mine Bitcoin?

Yes, a few million bitcoins are yet to be mined, and you can jump on this train even now. However, keep in mind that the only efficient way of mining nowadays involves joining mining pools.

What Is the Point of Bitcoin Mining?

Mining this crypto allows adding new bitcoins into circulation. In addition, mining means not only discovering new bitcoins but also performing important actions for maintaining the transactions ledger.

Can I Make Money Mining Bitcoin?

Yes, the price for a single BTC is currently almost 40 thousand dollars. The highest price for 1 BTC was 63 thousand dollars

If you manage to mine even a fracture of a bitcoin, you can make good money.

Mining process

How to Get Started Mining Bitcoin?

First, it is necessary to do some research. You can start by obtaining a mining rig, which is a special device developed for faster mining. Then, you can proceed to open a Bitcoin wallet to manage your BTC.

How Do You Mine Bitcoin?

Bitcoins are mined with the help of powerful equipment. You need to set up a high-performance computer that will solve special math puzzles in your network together with other miners. 

If you manage to solve the problem, you can receive your BTC.

Is Bitcoin Mining Profitable?

While mining for BTC requires tons of energy and expensive equipment, it is often worth the expenses. Bitcoins are very valuable, and you can sell them for cash, convert them into any currency you want, or store them and wait for the best prices.

Is Bitcoin Mining Safe?

Mining is generally safe for a miner if you are using a suitable device. Mining with a regular computer might be too much for the equipment, which results in slower operation, overheating, and malfunctioning.

How Long Does It Take to Mine 1 Bitcoin?

It always takes exactly ten minutes to mine one BTC in a network. Even if more people join the mining pool, the math puzzle will become more difficult, and it will take the same ten minutes.

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